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Manage your healthcare business with easy

Presenting new 2DOC medical system allows you to manage patients database, booking visits, automated emails and invoices, patient notifications and many more features.

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Let's see the features

Manage customers

Each customer will have a profile with medical information and easily customizable additional fields (ex. national code, SSN, etc)

Provide Booking 24x7

Open online booking for your business. Create time slot and define medical  services your patients could book-in onto the internet. Booking form is integrated in the website page.

Easy integration

Implement our medical CRM into your  website in a couple of hours. You may customize the look and functions up to your requirements.  Define colors, blocs, texts to increase sales.

Business Integration

The system could be linked with any existing medical or business systems to work in conjunction. Easy integrations and flexibility will save you time and money. 

What patients and doctors are expecting?

Our marketing research shows that doctors and patients are having different expectations from medical automation and customer relationship management. Let's see what is inside.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Notifications in a day before
  • Responsive design support


  • Appointment management
  • Supporting of days-off for doctors
  • Fast & Easy sync
  • Export of all patients

Check out our video

2DOC Medical CRM system explained in the short video which covers all aspects of managing patients data, basic techniques and creating doctor appointments by end-users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your system specific for medical doctors?

Our 2DOC medical CRM system perfectly suits healthcare bookings, SPA centers, massage cabinets, yoga and wellness businesses. The main aim for system development was creating a tool for easy management of patients/customers records and providing flexible booking possibilities.

What are the integration costs?

We offer high efficient product which can be customized for each case individually. Integration costs consist of product edition licenses fee and implementation costs vary from case to case. Please contact us for quotation. 

Will I have a support plan from your company?

Sure. The solutions we provided are fully covered by support and updates plan which includes software installations, server monitoring, user support. You also have 24x7 access to our client area for knowledge base, ticket support, IT consultations. 

  • Adminstrators
  • Doctors
  • Patients
  • Business Owners
  • Administrator

    Ability to create all medical services you like to offer patients. Usually there are medical consultations, doctor appointments, seminars, massage and SPA time slots, yoga lessons, etc. The administrator creating doctors profiles and the schedule for each doctor in the system (including customized settings, working days/hours, syncing with doctor's account).

    Medical CRM Administrator can manage patients and their profiles (setup an extra custom fields for medical or personal information), view payment information, see stats and apply filters for customer database. Additionally the user database might be exported to the external system via exporting gateway. 

  • System for Doctors

    Doctors have system profiles for direct access into the system. Under this access a doctor will see current appointments and patients. With system plugin doctor could also have an access to patient medical records and history. Doctor's dashboard is very easy to operate. 

    Simply log into the system and then see available records, no code to modify, no technical knowledge to use the system. Fantastic Google calendar integration will allow doctors to synchronize appointments in different medical centers for better time management.

  • System for Patients

    Healthcare organizations are facing to the new technologies for giving patients more control in management options, choosing medical procedures, doctors, treatment plans. We now have to deliver a much personal service with focus to a patient. 2DOC system communicates with every patient on his/her language with personal touch.

    The goal is to increase patient satisfaction. With the system patients are creating appointments online, it saves many working hours daily. Coordinated notification center will message patients and increase their loyalty.

  • System for Business Owners

    If you are running a medical center, SPA complex, healthcare services, our system will save you money. Automate business processes and create a transparent IT structure to monitor and track doctors, visits duration, cashflow, patients loyalty, business effectiveness.

    According to the statistics, the profit is increasing in the next 6 months after 2DOC system implementation. Start getting much revenue today, get a personal quote for your business.

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Yes, 2DOC medical CRM has responsive design and 100% compliant with mobile devices

With ready-made responsive booking forms your system will be fully compatible with iPhones, iPads and any other mobile device. You never missed a customer due to any incompatibility.

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